Life Skills Workshops

Our Life Skills Workshops are a primary way that we deliver timely and useful services to current clients of our Center. These educational experiences help participants learn coping skills for managing stress, negative moods, and relationships. All workshops are held at the Center.  Follow the link below to view the workshop schedule and to register to receive a reminder email the day before the workshop. 


(Registration is not required, but is appreciated. Please note that these workshops are open only to current clients of the Counseling Center. We also offer Outreach Workshops that are intended for any member of the campus community).


We have four workshops:  

Emotional Intelligence:  This workshop teaches strategies for becoming more skillful in managing difficult emotions.

● Mind over Mood: The goal of this workshop is to help participants learn concepts and skills to identify and modify the thought patterns that cause negative moods and anxiety.   For more information about Mind over Mood, click hereWatch a brief video about Mind over Mood with Nelson Binggeli (6 minutes).

Stressbusters: The goal of this workshop is to learn a variety of stress management skills such as diaphragmatic breathing, mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation, and time management. It is particularly appropriate for those experiencing excessive stress and anxiety.  

Time Management & Concentration:  A one-session workshop focusing on strategies to increase one's ability to get things done.

Procedures for staff

  • (A) Procedures for registering clients for workshops.
  • (B) Documentation procedures for presenters.
  • (C) Procedures for administrative assistants

Updated 10.18.14