There are a wide variety of resources on campus and in the community that Georgia Tech students may benefit from.

Georgia Tech Campus Services

A Guide to Obtaining Appropriate Services Off Campus:  This guide contains the following information: (1) General advice about how to find appropriate professionals;  (2) If you have insurance, how to determine what it covers and how to access it;  (3) information about the student health insurance (StudentBlue);  (4) A list of providers of lower-cost counseling services;  (5) A list of providers of lower-cost psychiatric services; and (6) Recommendations for clients with substance abuse or dependence issues.

For staff use only: Georgia Tech Counseling Center Referral Database. (Instructions: To log in to the database, use the same ID and password that you use to enter Zimbra.  Step 1: To enter the system, either enter your client's student ID number or a single random digit to enter the system; Step 2. Either enter the client's name or leave blank; Step 3. Specify your search criteria; Step 4. Click on the refer checkbox and the refer button to see more information about the referral source).