Psychoeducational Screening at the Counseling Center

The Georgia Tech Counseling Center (GTCC) provides psychoeducational screenings for currently enrolled Georgia Tech students. This service may be appropriate for students who are having difficulties with academic performance, learning, or concentration, and who may be interested in a professional assessment. Before requesting this service, please read our Guide to Psychoeducational Assessment.

The purpose of a psychoeducational screening is to screen for a variety of conditions and to determine whether more in-depth assessment is warranted. Often, our screenings are sufficient to identify the factors that are contributing to the problem, and to make helpful recommendations. However, screenings are not sufficient to assess for eligibility for disability accommodations, which requires a full assessment. For this reason, some students may want to skip our screening and be referred to a professional who can provide them with this service.

If you choose to do a screening, you will complete a set of questionnaires and meet with a member of our assessment team for an interview and a feedback session. You may also be asked to obtain any educational and testing records that may be available, such as old report cards and transcripts, and standardized test result records. The total time commitment is about 2-3 hours, and there is no charge.

To schedule a screening, please stop by the center and complete the initial paperwork for a consultation appointment.

The process of a psychological screening

  1. Schedule an initial consultation appointment by coming to the Counseling Center and completing paperwork for the initial appointment
  2. When you meet with your initial counselor, the process will be explained and any questions will be answered. If you are interested in pursuing further assessment, you will be referred to a member of the assessment team for follow-up and given a packet of questionnaires to take with you to complete
  3. While you are at the Counseling Center, you can complete this packet of questionnaires that ask about your developmental and educational history and current functioning, and typically require about 30-40 minutes to complete
  4. You may be asked to obtain any educational and testing records that may be available, including college transcripts, report cards from elementary school through high school, and any standardized test results. Such standardized tests include the IOWA Basis Skills Tests, the Stanford Achievement Tests, the Georgia Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests, and the SAT or ACT
  5. The assessment team will review the data, and a brief report will be written
  6. You then will meet with your assessment professional to get feedback and recommendations (typically 30-40 minutes), and you will receive a copy of the report. With your written permission, the report or a brief summary of the report can be provided to another party. Please note: We ask that you commit to completing this process within three weeks of first meeting with your assessment professional.

Psychoeducational Assessment at the Georgia Tech Counseling Center

After a student has completed a psychoeducational screening, in some cases we may be able to complete a full psychoeducational assessment. If the student meets criteria for educational accommodations and wishes to obtain them, the psychoeducational assessment report can be provided to the Georgia Tech Office of Disability Services.