Workshops Available for Request by Faculty & Staff

Workshops Available for Request by Faculty & Staff

A list of workshops available for request appears below. To request a workshop for your class or group, please use our online request system.

Academic Enhancement
This workshop will help you to improve memory, increase concentration, and cope with test anxiety. These tips will benefit those who would like to improve their overall academic performance.

Assertiveness: Getting More of What You Want
Do you have difficulty expressing your feelings, asking others for something, standing up for your rights, or saying “no”? You may benefit by learning more about assertiveness. Assertiveness involves asking for what you want (or saying “no”) in a simple, direct fashion that does not negate, attack, or manipulate anyone else. Unlike passiveness and aggressiveness it can lead to better relationships and getting more of what you want. In this workshop we will explore what it means to be assertive, and focus on developing the essential attitudes and communication skills that help people behave assertively.

Building Positive Relationships
The aim of this workshop is to discuss aspects, both positive and negative, present in various types of relationships, such as those with family, friends, and significant others. The aim of day one of the workshop will be to identify signs and symptoms of unhealthy relationships, including potentially dangerous behaviors that may occur. The focus of day two of the workshop will be to define aspects of positive relationships and ways to build healthy relationships with others. (Students should plan to attend both sessions.)

Conversations (How to Talk to Anybody About Anything)
Do you have difficulty communicating with members of the opposite sex, professionals, and other very important people? If meeting new people or VIPs leaves you speechless, this six session workshop can help you develop your skills to connect better with those important people. You CAN handle and overcome those awkward moments more easily.

Essential Study Skills and Test-Taking Strategies
When faced with the demanding classes and packed schedules that make up the Georgia Tech experience, many students discover that they never learned how to study effectively. If this sounds like you, you may benefit from this one-hour workshop designed to introduce a variety of study skills and test-taking strategies that are essential for academic success at the university level.

How to Survive the Loss of a Relationship
Whether you end the relationship or it is ended for you, breaking up is rarely easy. People typically go through a period of grief before they can heal and move on. Come learn strategies for getting through this difficult period and for getting on with your life.

Mind Matters: Making Your Personality Work for You
This workshop is based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and designed to help you identify the strengths of your personality. In the workshop, you will take a brief test, designed to reveal your strengths, and then will learn how to use these results to enhance your performance and relationships.

Overcoming Indecision: Strategies for Life’s Choices
This workshop will provide students with the opportunity to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their decision-making styles and learn a variety of strategies for enhancing their skills and confidence in this area.

Overcoming Procrastination
Not getting things done? Putting things off? Not performing up to your potential? Stressed out? Procrastination can become a bad habit that takes a toll on your mental and physical health, and on your grades. In this workshop we will focus on effective mental and behavioral strategies that will enable you to overcome procrastination.

Understanding Dreams
Do dreams really mean anything? I never remember my dreams--what does this mean? I have the same dreams over and over again--does this mean anything? This workshop will focus on the nature of dreams, how to remember your dreams, and practice at interpreting your dreams.

This workshop will teach techniques and coping skills that will reduce stress in an academically challenging environment. Different topics include test anxiety, speech anxiety, social anxiety and performance anxiety. Participants will be given an opportunity to evaluate their level of stress. Different types of relaxation techniques will be demonstrated and practiced.

Time Management
Start the new year off right and learn how to effectively manage your time. This interactive workshop will help students identify their biggest time wasters and help them learn ways to prioritize and get more done.

Time Management I: Getting Started, Getting Organized
Begin to develop your own system to stay organized. Make better use of your time by using simple tools like the Daytimer and “Laundry List.” Start to prioritize what’s really important to you.

Time Management II: Beyond the Daytimer
Continue working on remembering your priorities and re-organizing them as you need. Learn to avoid preventable scheduling problems by addressing Procrastination, Overscheduling, and Perfectionism.